Privacy and Security

Every Nation Sydney Church is committed to keeping your personal details and information private. Any information we collect relating to you or your giving is kept completely secure and confidential. Your privacy is a top priority to us. While navigating our site we want you to understand there will be times where we will collect information from you. Outlined herein what information we collect and how we plan to collect and use that information.

Information Collected

Every Nation Sydney Christian Church collect the following type of information when users visit our site.
1. Voluntary information provided. This is in the form of information you willingly provide through our Contact Us page and any other page that has optional questions and input for our users to enter.
2. Payment information. Every Nation Sydney Christian Church does not provide your personal information or information you enter to third parties in any circumstances.

Voluntary information

Users to will need to provide voluntary information for some of the services we offer. This can include but not limited to:
1. Web forms. There are pages within our site which contains forms. These forms are designed in a way to ask you to provide information to us to better help in our response. As an example these pages can include Contact Us and Prayer.
2. Event registration. When we create events we require you to register your interest for that event with information about yourself (e.g name, contact number, email). We will need to collect information about you so we can correctly communicate with you before, during and after the event. The information you provide as part of the Event Registration will be stored as a one off basis for that event only and will not be used for ongoing communication.

Payment information

There are a few ways you are able to make a payment to Every Nation Sydney Christian Church and all methods of payments will be processed in Australian Dollars (AUD).

1. Online Giving
You can use the BSB and Account number to process bank transactions through your online internet banking. The information you provide through this type of transaction is not stored in any way with Every Nation Brisbane Christian Church.

2. Cash Via Offering Envelopes

Payment Receipts

For security reasons, we require a name, mobile number and email address for online and credit card giving. At Every Nation Sydney Christian Church, we will provide you with an email on receipt of your payment to acknowledge your contribution.

Refund Policy

Please check carefully any giving or payment amounts prior to completing your transaction as we do not give refunds.


Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer by your internet browser. They hold information about our site and never about our users, therefore your personal information is not stored in this manner and not used by Every Nation Sydney Christian Church. By storing a cookie on your computer, we are able to deliver our services tailor-made for our users. Accepting cookies is not mandatory to use our site and can be enabled/disabled through your internet browser.


If you feel in any way, we have misrepresented ourselves or feel the information we have provided is not correct or accurate, please email us at info@ensydney.org.au and we will reply to you within a reasonable amount of time.

User Consent

By using this site, you have consented to Every Nation Sydney Christian Church to collect and use the information as mentioned. Once changes are made to our site which impacts our members in terms of their privacy and personal information, we will update this page so we can disclose all particulars relating to the information collected, how it is collected and the scenario in which it is distributed.